Book notes: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

A classic on people skills. I’ve summarised the principles here, but I recommend everyone reads the book as it’s rich with examples of famous historical figures and Carnegie’s personal anecdotes.

Book notes: Essentialism by Greg McKeown

Essentialism is a book all about focusing on the essential and ignoring life’s distractions. Here are my brief and unorganised notes of what I ressonated with the most.

Command line adventures

I recently experimented with spending as much time as possible in the command line. It turns out you can do a lot without leaving the shell. But how far is too far?

Logging your professional learnings

Why do we stop taking notes after university? We certainly don’t stop learning.

Decision fatigue and how to decide

We live in a world full of options. Our choices have hugely increased since the beginning of the 21st century. With the Internet, smartphones, eCommerce, and virtual assistants becoming ubiquitous in the Western world, we can get and do whatever we want to, whenever we want to.

How to protect yourself after a data breach

I posted about the EasyJet data breach yesterday, but realised I didn’t provide comprehensive advice regarding what actions to take to safeguard your online identity if you’ve been involved in the breach.

The EasyJet data breach is no surprise

I just received the email.

A minimalist approach to coding

Following on from my previous post, I thought I’d write about how minimalism can be applied to developing good software.

Functionality over style

I’ve been learning NodeJS recently. As a way to do this, I developed a URL shortening REST API. Give it a long URL, and it will return a short code that can be shared instead.

Privacy-first contact tracing technology

In order to slow the spread of the Coronavirus while easing the restrictions on our freedom, we’re probably going to need a “contact tracing” technology of some sort.

Listening to music on repeat

I often listen to a single song on repeat for hours on end while coding or trying to do “deep work”. I thought that was just me being weird. It turns out it’s actually good for focus.

Creating daily

We spend most of our time outside of work consuming content, not producing it. We consume movies, social media feeds, songs, etc.

Life without social media

Leaving social media was a very gradual process.

Password habits

A family member recently got a threatening email which contained the password for their email account.

Securely sending email attachments

Even if you use ProtonMail, Tutanota or another privacy-focused, end-to-end encrypted email provider, email is insecure by default. It’s a protocol invented when the internet was in its early days, and we’ve moved on a lot since then in terms of online threats.

Learn Vim by deleting your .vimrc

Vim is a great text editor.